Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Translated into Clear, Modern English for GCSE

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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

By Robert Louis Stevenson

Translated into Clear, Modern English for GCSE

By Frank Danes

Many GCSE English Literature students study Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but struggle to understand Robert Louis Stevenson’s difficult and convoluted Victorian prose. This book will help them.

It’s a careful translation of Stevenson’s novel into clear and straightforward modern English. It has been written and tailored for GCSE English Literature students of all abilities.

The translation is as faithful as possible to Stevenson’s original and

  • unknots knotty sentences
  • explains unfamiliar vocabulary
  • divides lengthy paragraphs more comprehensible chunks
  • includes notes on vocabulary, themes and the Victorian period and context

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About the author:  Frank Danes taught English for thirty years and was Head of English at three schools in London and Cambridgeshire. OCR, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Press have published over a dozen of his books, including: student and teacher guides to GCSE and A level literature set texts; guides to SPAG; a study of Victorian Literature and two critical works on Doctor Who.



1 review for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Translated into Clear, Modern English for GCSE

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    NATE Newsletter, April 2019 (verified owner)

    Teaching Jekyll and Hyde with non-fluent/reluctant readers?

    The “strengthened” and “rigorous” new English GCSEs have made nineteenth century fiction a major part of the Year 10/11 experience – meaning either a vast national enjoyment of the richest of canonical long texts, or an expedient choice of the shortest. A Christmas Carol presents some language complexity but has a simple narrative structure, social context and moral message, and ample video spin-offs to make character, plot and context available to all. The Strange Case of Jekyll and Hyde is a bit more problematic. The prose style is particularly difficult for modern readers in grammatical structures and vocabulary. Constant stopping to gloss and clarify does little to engage students who may be interested enough by spectacular effects of drugs and acts of violence.

    Here’s a possible solution, following a tradition established by the late, great Alan Durband in his Shakespeare Made Easy series. Frank Danes is an experienced teacher and examiner who has drawn on his own experience teaching the novel with less academic students. He has just published a modern English translation of the novella – not to replace the original but to provide a readable version that preserves the narrative and, importantly, the ideas of the original. Many teachers will find it a practical way of ensuring that enough of the text and its textual strucure are accessible to students aiming for modest GCSE results. The book has useful on-page glossaries and notes on themes and contexts.

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